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Features of immigration to Canada

For our compatriots, Canada seems to be one of the promising areas for migration, primarily because this country offers foreigners a number of attractive programs. Almost all of them guarantee not just a residence permit, but full social security, provision of a job, medical insurance and other preferences. You can move to Canada on your own or with your family. It is best to submit documents hindi to english translation in the framework of one of the relevant programs:

for skilled workers and graduates;
for entrepreneurs, investors, potential businessmen;
for persons who studied in Canada or previously worked in its cities;
for refugees.

In addition, there are separate immigration programs to Quebec (they have several directions and are aimed at attracting a wide variety of categories of immigrants: from students to members of the working class) and various provinces of the country (each region applies as needed for certain personnel).

In order to be able to apply for a move to North America, you have to take language courses, preparatory classes, pass a medical examination, and collect a full package of documents. These activities should be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of those programs that are selected for immigration.

Standard list of documents
Depending on which particular region of the country and according to what quota a particular applicant for Canadian citizenship is going to enter, he will have to stock up on one or another list of documents, copies, certificates, confirmations and other papers. As a rule, the following documents are generally required for any person applying for immigration to Canada:

foreign and internal passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
English and/or French language certificates;
medical certificates, confirmation that the person does not need constant medical care;
confirmation of financial solvency (certificates from the bank, documents on ownership of real estate and other assets);
work books with fixing information about the profile experience, lasting at least 1 year + characteristics from previous jobs;
diplomas confirming education and qualifications (together with inserts);
a complete set of certificates that a person has at his disposal (about birth, marriage, divorce, etc.);
certificates from the internal authorities on the absence of a criminal record;
four photographs;
proof of payment of the fee.
According to the rules, documents should be submitted according to the list not only for the applicant, but also for members of his family traveling with him. Including, for children, you will need to take certificates from the place of study.

Features of applying for a work visa to Canada
To leave Russia under one of the Canadian immigration programs, you will not only have to collect the documents according to the list, but also submit them in the correct form. Some of the papers are submitted in originals, but in order for the receiving party to be able to study them, it will be necessary to first perform a professional translation, involve qualified linguists, and pay for the services of translators. Other documents are submitted in the form of copies and notarized copies.

Almost all papers of the applicant and his family will have to go through the consular legalization procedure, which will require:

translate documents into English/French;
notarize them in the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
affix the appropriate stamps to the Canadian Embassy.
For diplomas, official confirmation with an apostille and certification of the document in special companies may be required. This process is called evolution and is applied in individual cases.

The future of migrants, their receipt of permission to enter the country and live on its territory largely depends on how well and competently the translations of documents are performed. In view of this, it is worth giving your papers for translation only to trusted agencies, staffed by experienced specialists.