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German philosophy of minimalism

Nowadays, such a style as minimalism is becoming more and more popular. This refers to the art of simplification, the popularization of aspects of anti-consumption.

Minimalism is especially widespread in Europe. Of course, this style has fans in other countries, because its popularity has been gaining momentum in recent years. But still, one of the main lovers of minimalism are the Germans. Restrained and practical – perhaps the most accurate description of German culture.

Calm colors in the design, almost complete absence of decor, no unnecessary details in art objects – all this is familiar to us from exhibitions, profile photos with clothing or interior design.

But let’s look at how we can apply this direction in practice and translate english to hindi. The ideas of minimalism can be relevant, for example, during holidays or vacations, when we are going on a trip and want to take a minimum of things with us.

Take only one backpack on a trip? Easily! The main thing is to take the advice of German minimalists.

Try to pick things on a trip like a capsule wardrobe, using no more than 3 primary colors when choosing clothes, so that each item matches the rest as much as possible.
Why pack a bunch of liquid shower gels and shampoos that only add weight? Instead, you can use solid gels and shampoos, which are now produced by many German brands of environmentally friendly cosmetics.
As for the female gender, the Germans are not known for their love of decorative cosmetics, they adhere to the ideas of minimalism in this as well. But if an important event is planned during the trip, they will choose multifunctional cosmetics. For example, mascara, which can be used for both eyelashes and eyebrows.
Chargers will be more compact to place in hard cases.
It is known that the Germans are active fighters for the environment. Therefore, instead of plastic bottles, containers, it would be better to take metal objects. Yes, it may add a little weight, but it will add life to nature.
And now, perhaps, the most important rule of minimalism and translate spanish to english: if some trifle, seemingly unnecessary, causes you positive emotions or is your talisman, do not try to throw it out of your suitcase or exclude it from the interior. After all, minimalism is not about getting rid of a huge number of things in general, but about getting rid of objects that do not bring you joy.