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How to leave a tip in a hotel – 6 tips

When going to another city or country, it is best to book a hotel room a few weeks before the trip, and it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules of accommodation in advance and https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-japanese. But for many tourists, knowledge of hotel etiquette and service ends there. However, among other points, there is another extremely important question: how to leave a tip in a hotel? Who better to leave them? What amount? For what services? Questions like these plague the minds of many travelers.

A few simple rules and tips
1. Do not leave a tip for all employees in a row. This gesture is, first of all, a way to show the employee that you are satisfied with his service.

2. As for the amount, as a rule, it is standard, but this standard may vary depending on the institution and country. The best solution: go to the appropriate forum and ask for advice from tourists who have been to the hotel you are interested in.

3. You can leave the amount generally accepted in this city – this is what they do when an all-inclusive tour is purchased. Otherwise, it is recommended to give about 5-7% of the total cost of the order.

4. Tipping maids is optional, especially when you are unhappy with the quality of cleaning. If the work is done well, and you want to leave a reward for the cleaning lady, put a tip on the bedside table or on the bed. However, it all depends on the schedule in a particular hotel and you should not expect that your room will be cleaned more often than it is stipulated by the regulations.

5. As for the waiters, it is best to choose one employee who served you well, and continue to contact him, leaving a tip. Thus, he will remember you and will always try to please, and this will avoid unpleasant situations.

6. It is also worth thanking the porter who brought all the luggage including https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-french to your room. In addition, if you contacted an employee with an urgent request (send a fax, make an important call, send a letter) and received the required assistance from him, leave him a tip – otherwise it will be the height of bad manners.

How to tip?
You can do this directly at the meeting, but for this you need to know the name of the employee. In other situations, it is recommended to put the money in an envelope, write the employee’s name on it and leave it at the reception. Such a step is the best way to express gratitude to a hotel employee when there is no opportunity to meet him in person.