6 myths and misconceptions about business translation

Writing a business letter in a foreign language can seem easy if you have the Internet at your disposal and the ability to call friends who speak foreign languages. However, this approach is only suitable for literal translation – it is not about rephrasing the text, making it more readable, about checking grammar, sentence structure, […]

Lost in translation: mistakes when entering foreign markets

To be successful overseas, American companies must strive to generate interest from overseas consumers. However, often when organizing marketing in foreign markets, mistakes are made that can have catastrophic consequences. Many American companies have learned the hard way that an advertising or marketing campaign that performs well in the United States may not have the […]

Five Reasons Why Software Translation Fails

Localizing a software product for foreign markets is not in itself as difficult as it might seem. However, even today, in the twenty-first century, we regularly hear about unsuccessful attempts to enter the international market. In this article, we’ll look at five main reasons why software localization can fail. If you avoid these mistakes, your […]

The humor of our ancestors over 3.5 thousand years old

Translating ancient texts written in languages ​​not used by people for thousands of years is a work of colossal complexity. Only a few specialists all over the world are engaged in such work, and they sometimes manage to reveal amazing finds. For example, scientists have recently discovered clay tablets with Akkadian inscriptions, which are about […]